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Alkemor's Tower

In the Alkemors Tower crypto game, BetSoft grants you the opportunity to reach your full magical potential. Joined by Alkemor himself, and his many magical trinkets as you try to enchant some combinations across the five reels, you are able to explore your capabilities as a wizard. With 243 ways to win, you're sure to excel!

If you're looking for a magic-themed crypto game set in a lair and featuring a wizard, then BetSoft's Alkemor's Tower crypto game is one of the free slots games you should try.

Mystical, magical and completely engaging, this game really brings the theme to life. Players place their bets based on different factors, but no matter what the bet, there are always 243 ways to win, with Alkemor himself keeping a steady watch over your turn at the slots and your progress up to the top of the tower.

It's widely known that free slots games, and in particular their bonus elements, can indeed be the reason that players keep coming back for more. Alkemor's Tower is no different. Match two spell books and a potion symbol on the first three reels, and you are in for your elements bonus. But which type of bonus you receive will depend on the potion symbol you have, and whether there are any further books visible on the reels below. All of these factors could in fact increase the spell's power and in turn boost your prize.

Whether it's a water bonus that turns books and potions wild, the earth bonus that destroys books and potions to offer up more winning potential, the air bonus which turns them wild again, but this time rearranges the symbols for added wins, or fire which adds wilds to your reel, you are sure to grab a good win from any of them.

A social online casino allows you to play Alkemor's Tower game on the internet with cryptocurrencies. You can either play Alkemor's Tower game for real money (such as BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH etc.) or with play money. Playing at a casino is entertainment that provides fun as well as a chance to win big money. Alkemor's Tower is a casino game with a RTP level of 94.96% and the game is produced by Betsoft. Betsoft is an online casino game provider.

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Game reviews

4 reviews

Now this game is awesome. Love this very much. And it is very different from your normal slot. Love the unique features and makes it very exciting getting bonuses.

Jan 09, 2023

Favorite one

This is one of my absolute favorite games. More slow paced and the hits are huge! Many different bonus games activated by spells and potions. A lot of fun, never made me mad playing it lol.

Jan 09, 2023


This is a great game with potential for huge wins. However it is very volatile and almost completely dependent on bonuses to win. Graphics are great .

May 05, 2022

not bad not good

I actually don't enjoy many betsoft games. This is one of the few I actually do enjoy playing. It's no big winner, but it's fun and will payout a lil from time to time.

May 05, 2022