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Game description

Arcade Bomb

There is something that we all love about finding a game that takes us back a bit on a stroll down memory lane- an old-school favorite, a retro classic. Well, the people at Red Tiger Gaming at our online crypto casino certainly had this in mind when they created their new online slot game, Arcade Bomb.

This is a classic theme from the arcades 'back in the day' and the winning format is sure to draw in old and new players alike. If it ain't broke don't fix it, as the old saying goes! This game has the real feel of your favorite arcade slots and definitely has the same addictive playability.

Even a game based on the retro classics needs some modern twists to spice it up a bit. Arcade Bomb does not disappoint with its unique, explosive bonus feature. If your luck is in, you can trigger an on-screen chain reaction to give your winnings a boost! You will see four different colored bombs appear on the screen: blue, green, pink, and yellow. When a bomb comes into view on your reels, a countdown timer starts, and the bomb is locked into place.

Each subsequent spin takes the countdown towards zero when your bomb will explode to fire off a chain reaction. Each explosion follows a specific pattern and transforms nearby symbols into potential jackpot crypto winners.

Once you get familiar with the features of our casino, it's pretty easy, and there are big cryptocurrency prizes to be won as well.

A social online casino allows you to play Arcade Bomb game on the internet with cryptocurrencies. You can either play Arcade Bomb game for real money (such as BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH etc.) or with play money. Playing at a casino is entertainment that provides fun as well as a chance to win big money. Arcade Bomb is a casino game with a RTP level of 95.06% and the game is produced by Red Tiger. Red Tiger is an online casino game provider.

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Game reviews

4 reviews

Its hit or miss mostly good.

Mar 22, 2023

Love it

Love this game!!

Mar 22, 2023

Money trap

This slot makes me continue betting until all the bombs explode but they keep coming and I don’t want to continue to bet but I do anyways. This slot is a waste of my time and money. Money trap!

Jun 29, 2022


If you don't careful with this game, the chance of losing your money is high, very high and this game does it very slowly. I was hooked on this game and that's because of the collecting bomb symbols. I couldn't stop playing as long as the bomb symbols sticking but I haven't won a single huge win.

Jun 29, 2022