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Game description

Queen of Queens

Habanero's Queen of Queens is a slot game with five reels and a staggering 243 ways to win. It allows you to step into Ancient Egypt and discover the mother of all Queens, the Queen of Queens... Cleopatra herself!

Even though its title could arguably be applied to a number of inspirational female leaders, it is clear that the developers had only one woman in mind when bringing this slot to life, and the famous pharaoh barely needs an introduction.

Most people know the Queen of Queens, Cleopatra, simply by her first name. The female figure is known not only for her reign of 21 years but for her passionate love affairs, which makes her all the more interesting as a central character!

There is no doubt that Cleopatra changed history forever, and the female ruler will continue to be studied for years to come. In Queen of Queens, the developer honors her authority by making sure that players are aware that she has the power to change their game, too. Cleopatra appears in the form of the wild symbol and substitutes herself for all other symbols except the scatter icon.

With almost 250 ways to win, she is a force to be reckoned with, and one that you'll want on your side! You can enjoy this crypto-type game on our cryptocurrency slot gaming platform, with the top-up options being most of the popular crypto tokens such as Tether, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

A social online casino allows you to play Queen of Queens game on the internet with cryptocurrencies. You can either play Queen of Queens game for real money (such as BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH etc.) or with play money. Playing at a casino is entertainment that provides fun as well as a chance to win big money. Queen of Queens is a casino game with a RTP level of 96.00% and the game is produced by Habanero. Habanero is an online casino game provider.

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Game reviews

4 reviews

The first game you play u dowell after that its downhill.

Mar 17, 2023


The first time i played this game I did real well. after that it was just average. Never a big win.

Mar 17, 2023


When it's on, it's on in a massive way! But this game has been a sneaky one which pays out well on smaller bets but it doesn't seem to translate once the stakes are raised. Ever. But it can be incredibly fun and exciting

Jun 23, 2022


This game is boring! The kick-backs in wins are weak even when wagering high bets.

Jun 23, 2022