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Game description

Spin Bet Station

If you thought you'd seen every possible variation on a 3-reel slot you haven't yet played Spin Bet Station. You can play it at our online crypto casino and using a unique gaming mechanic this game lets you place single, double, or even triple side bets, with the chance of scooping some seriously big crypto wins.

A black and white information board details the train numbers, with each symbol representing a train that's due. There are a variety of letters to match up on the grid, as well as plenty of Free Spins Scatters, which trigger the bonus round. There's no soundtrack as such, just a musical trill as the reels whirr into action.

To the right of the main playing grid is the side bet information panel. This operates as an optional game, with its betting structure and payouts. Potential crypto wins are shown on the panel as you make your selection, making this a highly interactive game.

There's a Free Spins Scatter on the reels of Spin Bet Station, with up to 50 Free Spins to be won. The more Scatters you land, the greater the number of Free Spins you'll be awarded. Once you get familiar with the features at our casino, it's pretty easy, and there are big cryptocurrency prizes to be won, as well!

A social online casino allows you to play Spin Bet Station game on the internet with cryptocurrencies. You can either play Spin Bet Station game for real money (such as BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH etc.) or with play money. Playing at a casino is entertainment that provides fun as well as a chance to win big money. Spin Bet Station is a casino game with a RTP level of 95.16% and the game is produced by Green Jade. Green Jade is an online casino game provider.

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Game reviews

4 reviews
Must try

As soon as you place the side bet and pull the lever and get the reels spinning, it all turns into excitement and action. This game is a must-try!

Mar 16, 2023

Bit boring

Spin Bet Station is a very surprising game. Looking at the still reels, the game feels a bit boring.

Mar 16, 2023

Worth it

It feels good knowing I dont have to risk alot of money in order to make a large amount of money. this game is worth puting the time into. and if you can find a good bonus even better.

Jun 21, 2022


I enjoyed this game most definitely . I love to gamble and this game takes care of what i need.

Jun 21, 2022