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Game description

Tiki Terror

Halloween and horror-themed slots have been around for quite a while, bringing the mix of dread and entertainment on the slot games market at our online crypto casino. Tiki Terror, a 5x4 layout and 50 pay lines slot is based on wooden humanoid figures called Tiki, which is deeply embedded into the Māori culture and mythology.

Nothing good ever happens in swamps, right? So it seems like a perfect setting for this title filled with voodoo symbols on the reels placed in the middle of the beautifully designed backdrop with its blues and greens that glitter ominously through the dark.

The animation of the many different Voodoo symbols falling into the deep green water is done superbly and their spinning is accompanied by equally scary music and sound effects.

The first feature of note is the Sticky Wild symbol, appearing as the wooden sign with swarms of bats flying around it. Also written on a wooden plank, the free games symbol rewards extra spins, whenever the minimum of six such symbols appear on the reels. If another free games icon appears during the extra spins, the extra spin feature will be triggered again.

Once you get familiar with the features in our casino, it's pretty easy, and there are big cryptocurrency prizes to be won as well.

A crypto online casino allows you to play Tiki Terror game on the internet with cryptocurrencies. You can either play Tiki Terror game for real money (such as BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH etc.) or with play money. Playing at a casino is entertainment that provides fun as well as a chance to win big money. Tiki Terror is a casino game with a RTP level of 96.66% and the game is produced by One Touch. One Touch is an online casino game provider.

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Game reviews

4 reviews
Go for it

If you haven't played it go and play it.

Mar 21, 2023


I really like this game I've been really really lucky on it.

Mar 21, 2023


Great layout and some big wins if you patient enough.

Jun 28, 2022


Well this game was so much better actually enjoyable to play i had a great time play!

Jun 28, 2022