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Atlanta Braves Clinch Sixth Straight Division Title Against Phillies

We can always count on the Atlanta Braves to give it their all when battling for the NL East title, and they did it once again this Wednesday. They clinched their sixth division title in a row thanks to Spencer Strider’s epic performance against the Philadelphia Phillies. The Braves defeated the Phillies 4-1, and Strider was one of the players responsible for this victory. He surrendered one run on four hits with nine strikeouts over seven innings for his majors-leading 17th win. Strider admitted that “the first inning was a little rough”, but added that he was “going to go out there until they took the ball away.” The Braves manager Brian Snitker said he was proud of the way that Strider turned the game around and secured this epic victory alongside his teammates. “They’re all special, all really hard, and you should enjoy every time you get a chance to do this. Those guys should enjoy every minute of it. It’s like I told them, don’t forget how this feels either because this is a really good feeling, that your hard work is for something,” said Snitker after the game. This marks the sixth straight division win for the Atlanta Braves, and they’re the first team to clinch their division in 2023.