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Kevin Durant Becomes USA's Top Scorer in Men's Basketball Olympic History

Kevin Durant is one of the USA's most valuable players at the Summer Olympics and he's proven that with a recent record he broke. The NBA legend became the USA's all-time leading scorer in men's basketball at the Olympics, passing three-time gold medalist Carmelo Anthony. Anthony was previously leading the way with 336 points, but Durant passed him during Saturday's contest against the Czech Republic when he reached 354 points. A three-pointer in the second quarter of the game was all it took to break Anthony's record of 336. Durant said it's "pretty cool" to be amongst the likes of Carmelo Anthony and other basketball greats who helped propel the USA team to many major Olympic victories over the years. "It's still pretty weird for me to do stuff like this because I play a team sport, and I try my hardest to make it about the group. But it is special to do something like that. Scoring is something I've worked on my whole career and expanded my whole career. To consistently do it is pretty cool," said the basketball legend. Durant may be the top scorer for his home country, but he's still far from breaking the all-time record. Brazil’s Oscar Schmidt, who took part in five Olympics, holds the record with a total of 1,093 points.