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Messi Breaks Ronaldo’s’ Record as PSG Wins Another Ligue 1 Title

Paris St-Germain came into this year’s Ligue 1 as a clear favorite for the title and officially won the trophy with a draw against Strasbourg. Lionel Messi was responsible for leading them to this victory on Saturday night, and he set a major scoring record along the way. After an uneventful first half, Messi opened the scoring with his 32nd goal for PSG, 59 minutes into the game. Strasbourg eventually forced a draw when Kevin Gameiro scored an equalizer for his side, but this goal didn’t have a huge impact on the Ligue 1 outcome since PSG only needed a point to win the title. Both teams were happy with the outcome and finished the game at a slow pace. PSG came into Saturday’s game knowing they were on the verge of their 11th Ligue 1 victory, while Strasbourg was lucky to force a draw, making sure they’re safe from relegation. Lionel Messi was the night’s shiniest star and set a major record with his lone goal in the second half. This marks his 496th goal in Europe's top five leagues, and he ended up breaking the scoring record previously held by Cristiano Ronaldo. This victory is quite historic for PSG, as well, because they broke Saint-Etienne and Marseille's previous record of 10 French titles.