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Midas Fortune: Game Overview

Midas is remembered as one of the most tragic figures in Greek mythology, whose ability to turn everything into gold had sinister consequences. Several games in our crypto-casino explored his tragic story, and PGSoft's Midas Fortune is the latest to put him front and center. The term “Midas touch” is used to this day, referring to the person’s ability to make money in every venture. Unfortunately, having this power wasn’t a dream come true for King Midas, who asked the god Dionysus to grant him a wish to turn everything he touches into gold. His greed had dire consequences when his food, drink, and even his own daughter turned into gold. He eventually bagged Dionysus to take his gift away and washed himself in the Pactolus River to get rid of it. Many objects that Midas touched still remain golden, and it’s up to you to find them in Midas Fortune. Head to Pactolus River to look for gold that King Midas left behind, and you might win the bitcoin-casino game’s max cryptocurrency prize of 5,000x your bet. To take your bitcoin gambling experience to the next level, try to discover some of the game’s extra features, from wilds to scatters. Free spins are also available, and you can win eight by matching three or more scatter symbols.