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Rabbit Garden: Game Overview

Rabbits tend to make a comeback to our crypto-casino as soon as spring arrives, and they’re certainly all over the place right now. Online casino developers at Pragmatic Play couldn’t resist giving us a slot that puts these fluffy creatures front and center, and they’re inviting you to step inside Rabbit Garden. The bitcoin gambling action in this game takes place on what seems like an idyllic farm, but things are actually far from perfect. A big bad wolf is constantly lurking around, trying to get his dirty paws on rabbits, chickens, and other adorable creatures leading a peaceful life in the countryside. It’s up to you to help them out and save them from the scary wolf – and you’ll be rewarded for your service. This colorful 7x7 bitcoin-casino game comes with an impressive cryptocurrency prize of 10,000x your bet and has a long list of amazing extra features in store. Coin collection is one of its strongest suits, with Coin symbols ranging in size from 1x to 1,000x your bet. Pragmatic often relies on free spins to keep things interesting, and Rabbit Garden also utilizes this feature. Free spins can either be bought or triggered for free by matching 4, 5, 6, or 7 scatters to win five free spins and 2x, 5x, 20x, or 100x your bet.