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Team USA Tops Medal Table as the Tokyo Olympics Wrap Up

The Tokyo Olympics were one crazy ride for Team USA, but they still managed to dominate the games after many ups and downs. American athletes topped the medal table with 39 gold medals and walked away with a total of 113 medals in 28 different disciplines. The USA edged out China from the top on the final day of competitions, but it was a close call. When it came to gold medals, China led the count 38-36 until the final day in Tokyo, when American athletes managed to swoop in and topped the tally with a total of 39 gold medals. 257 members of Team USA won a medal, including 164 female and 93 male athletes. In addition to 39 golds, they also walked away with 41 silver and 33 bronze medals. China came in second with a total of 88 medals, while the host country Japan was right behind with 58. When it comes to individual disciplines, American swimmers were especially successful in Tokyo, and walked away with a total of 30 medals, including 11 gold ones. Athletics was another heavily decorated discipline, with a total of 26 medals for American athletes, with wrestling, shooting, basketball, and gymnastics coming right behind.