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The US Men’s Basketball Team Defeats France to Win Olympic Gold

The US men’s basketball team was off to a rocky start at the Olympics after a loss in their opening game, but they managed to get back on their feet. Kevin Durant led his teammates to victory against France, leading to the fourth successive gold medal for the US team. It wasn’t an easy victory for the US, especially after their loss to France in the opening game at the Tokyo Olympics, but they managed to come out victorious this time around. They defeated France 87-82, thanks to Durant’s two free throws with 8.8 seconds left to go. The NBA icon scored a total of 29 points and joined Carmelo Anthony as the only three-time men’s basketball gold medalist. This honor comes shortly after he broke Anthony’s record to become the leading scorer in US men’s Olympic basketball history. Humble as always, Durant didn’t take all the credit for himself and praised everyone from his fellow players to coaches and trainers. “We all came in with that goal of, ‘Let’s finish this thing off. Let’s build a family. Let’s build this team. Let’s grow this team every day.’ It’s just incredible to be a part of something so special, and I’m bonding with these guys for life, this family for life,” said Durant.