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Answers to our most frequently asked questions

Try resetting your password by clicking "Forgot password" in the password field. Enter the email address you have registered in your account to receive the password reset email. Through the link provided in the email, you will be able to recover your password.

You didn't get the password reset email?

You may not get the email for a couple of reasons:

  • No account exists with the email you provided.

  • The email has been sent to the spam folder in your inbox.

You may not be able to access your account for different reasons:

You have entered your email and/or password incorrectly.

If you enter the wrong password multiple times when trying to log in, your account will be temporarily locked. Please wait five minutes and try again, or click the "Forgot password" link in the login box to reset your password.

You’ve excluded yourself from playing

Once activated, our Self-Exclusion feature locks you out of your account. If you’re unable to access your account for this reason, please wait until your exclusion period is over - our customer service agents are not able to re-open your account before this time.

You can change most of your account details in the “My Account” section. but you can not change username and/or email.

A full record of all the deposits and withdrawals you've made on the past 90 days is available under the “History” section.

If you wish to request transaction history from longer period, please contact our customer service.

In case you are having difficulties controlling your gambling, there are various Responsible Gaming tools available to you:

  • Self-exclusion, where you will be unable to access your account for a certain amount of time.

  • Contact our Customer Support team for further assistance

Please read the terms & conditions carefully.

You can reopen your account if:

  • Your account is blocked awaiting verification. See your email for more info.

However, you cannot reopen your account if:

  • You self-excluded and the exclusion period is still ongoing.

  • We closed your account due to a decision we informed you about.

  • Your account is permanently closed due to compliance reasons.

If you feel that your account has been hacked please notify the Police, and contact PrivateBet immediately. You should also change your password in the event it has been compromised.

Tip! We suggest that you change your password once in a while.

  • 1. Sign-in.

  • 2. In the top right of the web page, click Wallet. And then click Deposit.

  • 3. I) On the Deposit tab, select the cryptocurrency of your choice.

    II) Scan the QR code with your crypto wallet app or copy the unique account link and paste it into your crypto wallet to initiate the transaction.

    III) If you have a bonus and if you want to use the bonus, please choose the preferred bonus before depositing.

  • 4. Make the deposit.
    If the selected cryptocurrency requires a "Destination tag", please copy the tag and paste it into your wallet before making the transfer of crypto.

A full record of all the deposits and withdrawals you've made on the past 90 days is available under the “History” section.

If you're encountering difficulties making a deposit, please consider the following suggestions:

  • Try Another Option: Explore alternative deposit methods available and registered under your name.

  • Contact Payment Provider/Bank: If your deposit fails repeatedly (5 times), we recommend reaching out to your payment provider or bank for further assistance.

  • Monitor Deposit Page: Stay updated by regularly checking the Deposit page for any alerts regarding issues or maintenance that may affect deposit functionality.

  • Verify Your Account: Visit the Verify Your Account page and review for any error messages. If you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support team for personalized assistance.

Please note that selecting the correct token address is crucial for successful deposits. Ensure that you choose the appropriate token address from the menu, as the deposit address may vary based on the token you're using.

If your deposit hasn't appeared in your PrivateBet account, the issue could be related to the deposit method you utilized.

Please be aware that selecting the correct token address is essential when depositing a specific token. For instance, the deposit address for one token differs from that of another.

Furthermore, each customer receives a unique wallet address for every available currency when depositing funds. This means that each customer has a distinct wallet for each currency, and the same wallet address cannot be used for multiple deposits.

If you're experiencing issues with your deposit, we recommend ensuring that you've selected the correct token address and verifying that your deposit was made to the correct wallet address associated with your PrivateBet account. If you continue to encounter difficulties, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support team for further assistance.

Please note that withdrawals from our platform are not available after purchasing tokens. For further assistance, contact our Customer Support team.

When making a deposit, please choose the bonus in the dropdown menu when depositing. You need to do this before a bonus becomes active on your account.

If you’ve done this, you’ll need to check the Terms & Conditions of the bonus to make sure you qualify for it or contact support.

In order to activate a bonus, you will need to enter the "Wallet" section of your home page that is visible at the page's bottom. From there you will have an option to select a bonus.

All bonus money has a turnover requirement. The turnover requirement can vary from one bonus to another.

A turnover requirement is the number of times that an online casino bonus recipient has to wager real money that is equivalent to the initial deposit plus the bonus money. Otherwise, whatever real cash winnings gained from using the free money as wagers, are not withdrawable until after the turnover requirement is met.

Our general turnover requirement is 35 times. This means you must bet your bonus 35 times before it can be withdrawn. Example: Let’s say you get €10 as part of a promotion. Again, multiply this €10 by 35 to equal €350. This is how much you would need to bet using your bonus.

  • If your bonus is active on your account and you have completed the requirements for your free spins, (for example, you have made the required deposit), please follow these troubleshooting instructions:

  • If you currently have a pending verification request, please check your Verify Account page to provide the required information. In that scenario, you will see this message:

I) Clear cookies and cache from your browser and try accessing the slot again

II) Try with a different device

IÍI) Try another internet connection and relog in your account.

There are bonus codes for new customers as well as for existing customers. We suggest you check the "Promo" section.

Please check the Promo page for an overview of our current offers over different products.

First, check that you’ve opted in to receive news and offers in your Preferences section.

Then check that our emails are not redirected to your spam folder and add us to your contacts.

You can also go to the Promo page to find recent offers.

You need to fulfill the wagering requirements or complete the bonus to turn the bonus money into withdrawable cash.

Money won while the bonus is active will be added to your bonus balance.

Once you have wagered this amount, the full amount on your casino bonus account will be automatically unlocked and moved to your real money account and made available for instant withdrawal.

Each bonus is different. Generally, you'll have to bet or play a certain amount of money to complete the bonus and get your reward.

To track the progress of the selected bonus you will need to enter your account in the “Balances” section and you will see the “Wagering Requirement”.

Single bet is when you pick the outcome of one event. You can win the odds multiplied by your stake. You can make a series of single bets using the "Single" tab at the top of the betting slip.

Combination bet is a bet that depends on the outcome of more than one event – you can add up to 12 events. This is an accumulator and you need to have predicted every event correctly to get a return. If you win, your stake will be multiplied by the total odds of the selected events.

Multiples bet will list all the different combination bets available within your selections. You can then bet on them but remember – your stake is multiplied by the number of possible outcomes. So if you select 8 sports events and wanted to bet "six folds" (combinations of 6), your stake would be multiplied by 28, as that's how many winning combinations of 6 are possible within your 8 selections.

A Trixie is when you select 3 events and place 4 bets – 3 doubles and 1 treble.

A Yankee is when you select 4 events and place 11 bets – 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 fourfold.

Sure you can, as long as we offer odds. Browse the sports in the side menu of the Sports lobby, or use the search bar to find a team, player or league.

You can click the odds format dropdown that can be found at the bottom of any sportsbook page or under the settings section here.

Odds may change while you place a Live bet or a pre-match bet, but we will always confirm the new odds with you first.

Action bets (e.g. a bet on the next point in tennis) may also close before you place them.

In the "Settings” section of your account, under “Odds Format”, you can enable the "Odds changes" option and choose whether you wish to automatically accept odds changes or have your permission requested for every change.

In the unlikely event your bet is settled incorrectly we will investigate that matter and take the necessary action.

All bets onsite need to be approved either by the system or manually by the traders. If you receive a stake limit when placing a bet, this means it needs to be manually approved by the traders. This could be for a number of reasons, including a large change in odds or a restriction on the market. Bets are accepted at traders discretion.

Once your bet has been accepted, you cannot change or cancel it. Please make sure all the details are correct before placing a bet, as unfortunately we can't take responsibility for any mistakes or errors.

In general, we aim to pay out bets as quickly as possible. Live bets are paid as soon as the outcome is known, and any pre-match bets are settled as soon as we have an official result. Time frames may vary, but bets are usually settled within 15 minutes.

Please remember to refresh the page to see changes made to your balance.

Any event which does not start within 12 hours from the kick-off time agreed by the governing association will be declared void. This includes cases like matches which are postponed due to bad weather, crowd trouble or similar scenarios.

If the cancelled bet is part of a multiple bet, the ticket will be considered valid and the total odds will be recalculated with an updated odd of 1.00 for the cancelled event.

Exception to this is for those events whose starting times had not been officially announced or agreed yet by the governing association at the time the bet was placed or for events which are moved due to scheduling conflicts but are to be played within the same match day (where applicable). In such cases, bets will remain valid as long as the listed event is the next official commitment from that particular tournament/league/competition scheduled for all participants in the offer.

The theoretical return to the player can be found in the game rules. Select a game and locate the Info/Payable icon to view the full game rules and RTP.

A full record of all the deposits you've made on the past 90 days is available under the “History” section.

Yes, it will work.

In most cases your winnings will appear in your balance instantly. In tournaments you’ll have to wait until the tournament finishes.

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