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Manchester City Continues Trophy Sweep with Club World Cup Win

Manchester City won the Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League throughout 2023, and they’re ending the year on a high note! Pep Guardiola’s team lifted another major trophy at the Club World Cup, after easily thrashing Fluminense 4-0. It was clear that Man City was an obvious front-runner to win the game from the very first minute after Julian Alvarez gave them an early 1-0 lead. He also scored another goal two minutes before the final whistle, helping his side secure an easy 4-0 victory, along with his teammate Phil Foden. Manchester City made it to the Club World Cup after winning last season's Champions League, and their victory is quite historic. It’s the first time they’ve ever won this tournament, following the Treble of Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League last season and the UEFA Super Cup in August. Man City’s manager Pep Guardiola told the reporters that they closed the chapter on an incredible year with their Club World Cup victory, and they’re now looking forward to seeing what the future holds. “There is a day to celebrate, but around the corner is another competition and you have to try it again. The satisfaction of what we have done will remain but we have to do it again,” said Guardiola.